Our story

SHAB was founded in 2020. The make-up is made with high-quality ingredients, which ensures sparkling colors. The brand stands for sustainability, quality, animal and environmentally friendly products. That is why the products are vegan and cruelty free. But more importantly: SHAB stands for believing in yourself and chasing your dreams.

SHAB is short for Shabnam, the founder's name. Shabnam was born in Afghanistan and fled to India with her family when she was four. At the age of twelve she moved to the Netherlands. It was a long journey Shabnam traveled before she decided to make her dream come true. From the age of four, she and her family have always been looking for a home.

But that is precisely the strength of Shabnam: creating beauty in times of chaos. While the whole world was enthralled because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Shabnam managed to turn the chaos into inspiration and used the available time to realize her dream. You can get far through hard work, trust in yourself and support from your loved ones. She runs her company from her heart and puts all her love into her products.

That's what makes SHAB so special.


SHAB beauty shop is located in Lelystad. Always free parking spots available. 


Kolkweg 20-25, 8243PN Lelysatd

Business hours

Monday to Friday